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4 ecommerce frameworks in php


4 ecommerce frameworks in php4 ecommerce frameworks in php4 ecommerce frameworks in php

E-commerce stands for Electronic Commerce is the latest shopping cart solutions, inventory and order management solutions and e-commerce web solutions which are duly customized to users' requirements. It is most popular online shopping trend going on the web. It is the best sales tool at your fingertips. Through Smartphone you can shop anywhere at anytime. Building an E-commerce store online drives more business today. It encompasses a wide variety of information gathered from e-business planning and prospecting.

Why an online store?

Nowadays online stores transform from small customer bases to much larger and more targeted business. It builds confidence in keeping customer relationships, promoting sales and builds effective and attractive website design which pulls more users. The website is updated with fresh and latest information which is a strong reason to keep customer visits often. Online stores are always on toes for their customers thus remain up to date with information showcasing their latest products in catalog fashion, manage inventory and shipping, as well as take payments in real-time.

Importance of Online store

E-commerce has grown in importance as companies have adopted and grown be it consumer based retail sites, auction or music sites, to business exchanges trading goods and services between corporations. It is faster, cheaper and more convenient where suppliers and potential customers are brought together to conduct mutually beneficial trade. Some classic features have made E-commerce websites more demanding and successful. It stands today on the top-of-the-line online platform, brings customized solution, search engine optimization friendly. Provides a customized dashboard, customized shopping cart and checkout process. Brings expansion and growth in business. And provides excellent services in order processing and shipping management.

4 ecommerce frameworks in phpguest in web design and development
native mobile apps vs HTML5


native mobile apps vs HTML5native mobile apps vs HTML5native mobile apps vs HTML5

With the rapid proliferation of the mobile web technology, there is much discussion over the most suitable application that would deliver consumers access to any form of content irrespective of place or time. HTML5 became increasingly popular in 2012 and spread across the internet, defining all latest practices for navigation, layout and content structure of web pages. Yet there are concerns about the architecture of HTML5 which sparks a debate regarding the use of native mobile applications versus those applications which are developed for the mobile web.

As consumers get hooked to their Smartphones for browsing the web, playing games, downloading applications, and streaming movies, apps developers need to spend considerable time on determining how to render more functional and richer experiences across the numerous device platforms available. An inappropriate choice may result in unnecessary expense or may invite user dissatisfaction due to dull performance and poor quality.

In comparison to the previous versions, HTML5 makes it more convenient to develop feature-rich web-oriented applications that facilitate remote updating with new functionality without requiring repeated installation or download. In short HTML5 bridges the functionality gap between mobile apps and websites.

On the other hand, a native app can be directly installed within the Smartphone and can operate without internet connection. However, while an HTML5 app can operate on many platforms, a native app is platform specific and hence is more expensive.

A host of companies have already started taking advantage of the HTML5 hype. For instance, Burberry gained considerable popularity when it turned to HTML5 for launching one mobile application. Again, HTML5 is being increasingly used for mobile applications by newspaper organizations like Financial Times and Guardian. But native apps are not far behind in terms of making headlines with an average download of 40 applications per Smartphones within a year.

HTML5 however, has its own shortcomings and limitations. To begin with, the implementation procedure is different for different browsers and mobile platforms. This type of fragmentation in technology creates a hindrance for software developers wishing to understand which part of HTML5 can be utilized. Moreover, HTML5 apps can suffer from reduced speed and often work erroneously in the event of an intermittent data connection.

native mobile apps vs HTML5guest in web design and development
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